Michelle Stimpson ’91

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Michelle Stimpson

Michelle Stimpson

Michelle Stimpson ’91 is a trusted authority on Positive Change and Joyful Living. Leading her own business, LifeShine®, since 2003 – Michelle works with professional women who are ready for a change in their life. As creator of the Positive Change SystemTM, she leads her clients through a step-by-step process to help them get clear on what they really want in life, and then together they map out a plan to make it happen. Michelle brings enthusiasm, positivity, and compassion to her work and has a tremendous track record leading her clients to achieve outstanding results. Michelle is also Executive Editor/Writer for her popular Following Your Joy® blog.

What are you most looking forward to this year with GWIL?
Connecting with women who value the strength of leadership and who truly care about making a difference. We can either choose to sit back and let life pass us by, or we can stand tall and enthusiastically pave our own path. I find that fulfillment comes when we’re each charting our own course in life, inspiring others along on the journey.

What is one piece of advice you can give students that can help them develop their own leadership skills?
Follow the energy. You’ll always know what’s best for you! Pay attention to what jazzes you and what fills you up. Notice what drains your energy. These internal ‘knowings’ will be a great indicator in the way of knowing what’s right for you. Great leaders stay true to themselves.


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